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Build, purchase, modernise – but safely!

With the Verband Privater Bauherren!


Many dream of having their own home – tens of thousands attempt it every year and invest a large portion of their assets into their own home, committing themselves financially over decades. Unfortunately, in practice, only a few building projects are carried out problem-free. Builders overextend themselves into many specialist areas without expert help. The Verband Privater Bauherren e. V. (VPB - Association of Private Builders) will help you on your way to getting your own four walls.

Our building experts can advise you about:
  • purchasing a building plot
  • planning a property
  • building a property
  • building a house or an apartment
  • purchasing a property
  • purchasing a period building
  • reconstruction and renovation
  • (re)building for accessibility
  • selling a property
  • sustainability
  • saving energy and energy-oriented renovation
  • avoiding damage and mould
  • financing
  • subsidies
  • insurance
  • disputes

With Us, You Remain the Build Master!

Unfortunately, research shows that the majority of today’s standard building contracts are inadequate. Most of them lack important planning services; many of the buildings offered are only move-in ready on paper. The majority of building specifications lack important building components and services. Things which builders have taken for granted can lead to enormous extra costs, often the equivalent of a mid-range car. This is where we can help!

In addition to consultancy services for new buildings, assessing old period buildings is becoming increasingly important. More and more families are interested in a portfolio property. As experience shows, in addition to the acquisition costs, a considerable amount of money is again invested into the renovation of a period building before it can conform to today’s living and energy standards.

Most builders contact us because they have a particular issue. We actively support them in finding a solution. Much more could be done if they were to come to us before the contract had been signed – then many of the difficulties would never have arisen in the first place!

Build, Purchase, Modernise – But Safely!


The Verband Privater Bauherren e.V. was founded in 1976 and is thus the oldest consumer protection organisation operating in the building industry throughout Germany.

Since then, with its network of company-neutral and independent building industry professionals, the VPB has advised many thousands of builders on the way to getting their own four walls. Its close-knit network of regional offices means that anyone interested in building and purchasing can get into contact with VPB quickly and easily. Experience shows: the earlier builders come for advice, the better they can protect their interests.


We at VPB dedicate ourselves to representing building-oriented consumer interests at legislators, management, building and credit industries, and other public and state organisations.

At the same time, we have a role in market-neutral and independent consumer protection, in order to promote building quality and professional building.

The VPB is a member of the German Association for the Housing, Urban Development and Regional Planning, in the DIN’s Consumer Council and in the Deutscher Baugerichtstag (German Court Conference on Construction).

The VPB is registered as a qualified entity in accordance with the Unterlassungsklagegesetz (Unfair Terms and Conditions Act) and therefore has the right to issue written warnings and bring injunctions for terms and conditions that are unfavourable to consumers. Furthermore, VPB was and is the first and oldest practice-oriented voice in consumer protection for private builders accredited with the authority to attend hearings in the Bundestag.

Become a Member!


The Verband Privater Bauherren ...

... supports you in the purchase, preservation or modernisation of your property:

  • product-independent and company neutral ...
  • highly qualified ...
  • You get the basis for your decision-making ...
  • You get solutions to your problems ...

... and all that throughout Germany, on site and in person!

The Verband Privater Bauherren ...

... advises, verifies and evaluates on behalf of its members using a network of experts:

  • Architects and building engineers
  • Construction experts
  • Energy consultants
  • Interior hygiene and pollutant experts
  • Finance experts and subsidy programme specialists
  • Building rights lawyers
The Verband Privater Bauherren ...

... combines experiences

  • for builders ...
  • for institutions ...
  • for associations and policy-makers ...

... from practice for practice.

Our close-knit network of experts offers its support throughout Germany

In addition to general services for anyone interested in building or purchasing, we also offer our members special access to a network of highly qualified independent surveyors throughout Germany. They are selected, trained and verified:

Please find the VPB building consultants near you here ...

Regional Consultants


The Verband Privater Bauherren e.V. (VPB) is an independent consumer protection association active throughout Germany.

It is represented by regional offices in all large cities and regions. VPB supports all areas involving construction in politics, in the economy and in the construction/legal arena for the consumer rights of private builders, and runs comprehensive information and public relations activities.





Chausseestraße 8
10115 Berlin
Phone: 030 / 27 89 01-0
E-Mail: info@vpb.de

Regional Consultants

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